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What Damage Will My Insurance Cover?

Your home is one of your biggest, proudest assets. Having homeowners insurance in Sacramento can give you peace of mind that your home is protected from loss due to events such as water damage, smoke or fire damage, and mold damage. However, simply having a homeowners insurance policy does not guarantee coverage. West Coast Fire & Water has extensive knowledge regarding what most insurance policies cover, such as:

Water damage

Most homeowners policies cover water damage to your floors, walls and roof. if the loss is sudden or accidental. Some common ways water damage occurs include broken water pipes, malfunctioning dishwasher or water heater. However, homeowners insurance does not cover damage due to poor maintenance or neglect, and it does not pay for an appliance replacement.

Mold damage

Mold damage is usually covered when caused by a covered water damage event. Ongoing lack of maintenance such as poor ventilation and improperly sealed doors or windows are not covered. Many insurance companies have a cap on how much mold coverage they will provide.

Fire damage

Fire damage coverage is typically built into your policy and covers accidental fires, such as an electrical or cooking mishap and wildfires. Due to the need for possible extensive repairs and safe living conditions, homeowners insurance also often covers living expenses while your home is being repaired and rebuilt.

Damage or theft to personal property

Your personal property in your home is also typically covered when applicable. A good rule of thumb is to catalog or at least take photos of your expensive pieces of personal property, such as artwork, electronics and furniture. This documentation can be very helpful for your insurance company and speed along the claims process. Our cleanup and restoration services help minimize the cost of replacing your belongings because we strive to restore them as much as possible.

Disaster cleanup can be costly, so act fast when you have water, mold or fire damage! Call your insurance company to file, then call West Coast Fire & Water for emergency services.